Picture taken from a helicopter in April 1986 shows a general view of the destroyed 4th power block of Chernobyl's nuclear power plant few days after the catastrophe. A reactor at Chernobyl blew up on April 26, 1986 in the worst nuclear accident in history. It burned for some 10 days, sending radiation across a large swathe of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. A World Health Organisation report released in September put the overall death toll from Chernobyl at 4,000, though the figure is disputed as being too low. According to the Ukraine, 2.4 million of its people, among them 428,000 children, suffer health problems linked to the nuclear disaster. AFP PHOTO/VLADIMIR REPIK

Han pasado 19 años del accidente nuclear en Chérnobil, Ucrania, y con esta se han creado historias que rozan con lo improbable.